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A Book With a Challenge

Posted by caledoniancraig on March 29, 2017 at 2:00 PM

As you will know by now I am well into the writing of my fifth On the Buses book. The writing began on my latest project at the end of 2016 and will be a review of every episode and spin-off film of On the Buses and it is proving to be an interesting challenge. The challenge is in structuring the reviews properly and I am sure that I will re-visit the structure of the reviews and their contents on several occasions and maybe on a bigger scale once the full manuscript has been completed.

At present I can't see the book which is called Hold Very Tight Please being completed until sometime in 2018 so a good deal of writing, counter-balancing that with my full-time job as Sleeper Host aboard The Caledonian Sleeper lies ahead. Well that ends this blog and I hope to blog again soon.

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