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On the Buses: The Filming Locations

I obtained this book at the official book launch on 14th May 2016 and I must congratulate the author on a well-researched piece o work, it is an excellent book full of photographs of every location used in the tv series and three spin-off films. Well recommended.

Gilera (Amazon website)

Excellent book that is so wonderfully researched by someone with a clear passion and encyclopaedic knowledge of On the Buses! A must for any fans of the films or tv series.

Amazon Customer (Amazon website)

Being a fan of On The Buses I was keen to give this book a read. This is a fantastic book with photographs of the locations while the series was filmed and photos taken in 2015/16. As well as that the author has given locations details and how to get there. One thing I did notice is how much nicer the locations looked in the 1960's/70's. I have read and enjoyed Craig Walker's other book about On The Buses and The Filming Locations is just as enjoyable. Hopefully Craig Walker will write another book about this wonderfull series.

David (Amazon website)

Brilliant book covering all the locations used in On the Buses, ilustratated with actual photos of the locations. RECOMMENDED

Simon (Amazon website)

An A To Z of On The Buses

I remember this series from when I was a lad. I thoroughly enjoyed it then and this book brings back fond memories. Every detail is here.

Jerry Huxley (Mirador Publishing Bookshop)

Was a gift to a friend and they loved it.

boo boo (Amazon website)

well done craig a top notch book on on the buses thank you

Nicholas Rich (Amazon website)

The A-Z of OTB was a great piece of work, perfect as a book to keep dipping in and out of while watching the show, so thanks c

Craig and all the best for your next tome, The OTB Scrapbook, sure it will be another success.

Garry J (The Original On The Buses Forum)

I'm a huge fan of On The Buses - it fact it is one of my favorite tv sit coms. An A to Z of One The Buses is very well researched and ideal for leafing through to find out about a certain character or actor. The author Craig Walker has done an excellent job and written a fascinating book about this classic series as well as the 3 On The Buses films.

I was lucky enough to meet Anna Karen who played Olive in the series at a film convention, and she got very excited when she saw the book. She asked me where I got it from and will have no doubt ordered a copy by now. She kindly signed my book. So a thumbs up from one of the main cast of the series - now that's a real recommendation.

David (Amazon website)

Great book,fast delivery

Charlotte Hulme (Amazon website)

Nice book craig

Daron Bailey (Amazon website)

Bought On The Buses: The Complete Story two years ago in Winchester and found it great and an informative read. Gives a full and complete run down of every episode, film and character, even the less known actors. Includes full details and locations with explanations including some pics of then and now. Even friends less familiar with the show have borrowed it and found it totally fascinating.

Geoffrey Hemmett (Facebook Review)

On The Buses: The Complete Story 

'Just finished the reading the book yesterday and I found it a cracking book a lot of people will find the book very useful for information if they doing a otb fan site or maybe other projects save them researching information up.I quite enjoyed the producers part learned a bit new information there and the filming locations always good to read about them.The A to Z of the supporting cast was also a joy to read overall this book is a must for all on the buses fans around the world there nothing bad to say about the book just like to say well done craig on getting this published it was a joy to read.' - 

Review By Stephen (Stan Butler) (The Original On The Buses Forum)

'Well, further to the comments I made a few days ago I think the book is a great read for those of us who love OTB, the cast & characters & writers has all been well researched & it will be invaluable when it comes to voting for our favorite episodes later in the year, I am sure all of us forum members are very grateful for all the hours that Craig put in to get this book published, I do own several other books about comedy including  the BBC guide to Comedy by Mark Lewisohn which I regularly consult when watching programmes from the 'golden era' & I am sure  that 'The Complete Story' will take its place among the best.' - 

jonboy (The Original On The Buses Forum)

'Craig Walker has written a book that takes the reader straight back to the good old days of non-PC humour. Other than most BBC sitcoms, this ITV sitcom revolved not around middle class people but around working class people. The humour was a bit more crude, but instantly recognizable and likeable. This is a great book to bring you straight back to those funny characters and their antics. Recommended and long overdue !' -

Ozzie (Flanders, Belgium) Amazon website

'I really enjoyed the book, it brings happy memories for me when I was about 20 years old, the things that happen in the series, relate to when my mum and dad worked on the United Buses in Middlesbrough, from 1950 to 1980, they would tell me story about what went on, and watching it now is quite true to some of the story lines in each episode, when I lived at home, we would rush to see On The Buses, we never missed a series, my parents have passed away now, my husband and I watch it now on television, it brings back memories from when we were young, I will treasure this book always.'

Margaret Cox (Apex Publishing Ltd website)

What a fantastic book, well researched and a lovely read. This book covers absolutely everything to do with On The Buses, I loved the sitcom and really love this book. This would make the perfect present for any TV comedy fan.

Book Fan ....''Horror fan'' from Newcastle (     Review of the Kindle Edition 

Really good book.

Merlin (Amazon website)

The complete making of the classic 1970s series including interviews and behind the scenes information. Well researched and exceedingly well-written. RECOMMENDED

Simon (Amazon website)

The On The Buses Quiz Book

Great quiz book for all On The Buses Fans, gives info that is not generally known about the stars of this sitcom. Plenty of questions to keep a quiz night going more than once.  (Amazon Customer on

It's a good life on the buses, and a good life reading this book. Full of interesting facts about this great sitcom. I throughly enjoyed this book.  (Book fan on

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