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Watch this page as I hope to post here all media events connected with my books. I will try to add past media reviews and book signing news on this page but bear with me as this may be slow going due to limited time at the moment.

Here is a review from The Ayr Advertiser of my first book On The Buses: The Complete Story (published by Apex Publishing Ltd.):-

FANS of classic comedy ON The Buses can enjoy watching the show as it appears periodically on channels like Gold and Dave.
But they now have a permanent reminder thanks to the release of 'On The Buses - The Complete Story' written by Craig Walker and published by Apex Publishing Ltd.
It charts the history of the series that ran from 1969 to 1973 and followed the ups and downs of the work-shy busmen Stan Butler and Jack Harper, played by Reg Varney and Bob Grant.
They constantly played out a battle of wits with long-suffering inspector Cyril 'Blakey' Blake, aka actor Stephen Lewis, who recently popped up on Last of the Summer Wine.
This book tells the story of the series from its inception, through to the three spin-off feature films it created as well as details of the cast, crew and locations.
A biography of all the main characters appears, followed by a brief look back at every episode including when it was first broadcast and every member of the cast.
But behind the well-known faces of the main platers was a dedication team of producers and crew and recognition of this is given in the form of their details.
Rounding off this fascinating look back at an entertaining classic are details of key locations, including the garage, as well as the many supporting cast members.
Well illustrated, On The Buses - The Complete Story by Craig Walker is available now.

Ayr Advertiser

Another newspaper review of On The Buses: The Complete Story:-


By Teresa Phillips

OLIVE: Ooh, this baby's kicking me.
ARTHUR: He's probably playing football with all them pickled onions you've been eating.
This type of exchange between hapless housewife Olive and her cold-hearted, permanentally paper-reading hubby Arthur had 16 million people flocking round their TV sets every week. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, Simon Cowell!
On The Buses ran for seven series from 1969 to 1973 - some episodes were filmed in black and white due to a technicians' strike - and gave us characters such as slackers Stan and his clippie mate Jack plus Inspector Blake, or Blakey, who was the Norris Cole of his day.
This classic British sitcom is the subject of a new book, On The Buses: The Complete Story, penned by Craig Walker with forewords by writers Ronald Wolfe and Ronald Chesney and published by Apex Publishing Ltd.
Craig runs the original On The Buses forum and he's left no bacon butty unturned in this 240 page hardback, which retails for £12.99.
The book details the actors who brought the show to life - Anna Karen, who played Olive was a former exotic dancer and Reg Varney a highly talented pianist - then goes into a synopsis of each of the 74 episodes.
Writers and producers earn some space too and I particularly enjoyed the details about the filming locations and accompanying photos.
To round off, there's an A to Z of all the actors who appeared in the show and you probably won't be surprised to find the likes of Arthur Mullard, Yootha Joyce and Bob Todd.
Overall, it's a super read for anyone who enjoyed the weekly antics of the lads and lasses at the Luxton and District Bus Depot. Apex Publishing Ltd can be contacted on 01255 428500 or visit

Kidderminster Shuttle

The Shields Gazette reviews On The Buses: The Complete Story:-

It was irreverent - some say racist - and definitely politically incorrect, but hand on heart few aficionados of comedy can say that they never enjoyed On The Buses. This definitive work on one of Britain's most hilarious sit-coms is a veritable goldmine of information, and should not be missed. As the News of the World masthead used to say, "All Human Life is Here" - and it is, as far as Reg Varney and his fellow actors are concerned. Craig Walker skillfully blends facts with narrative and breathes new life into a golden era of comedy. Both fascinating and hilarious.

Mike Hallowell, The Shields Gazette

The Paisley Daily Express reviews On The Buses: The Complete Story:-

THE author of a book detailing the rise and fall of British telly classic On the Buses is set to drive up a storm when he hosts a book signing.
Craig Walker has penned a fact-filled tome in tribute to the ITV sitcom which ran between 1969 to 1973.
The show was a huge favourite with telly watchers who were left in stitches by the antics of bus driver Stan Butler and his run-ins with tyrannical inspector Cyril ‘Blakey’ Blake.
Now Craig is set to pull-up at the Abbey Bookshop in Well Street, Paisley, on Saturday to sign copies of On The Buses – The Complete Story from noon to 3pm.
With a foreword written by the show’s creators Ronald Wolfe and Ronald Chesney, the book details the whole On The Buses story from its inception through to the three spin-off feature films it spawned.
Craig said: “My motivation for writing this book was that as a lifelong fan of this classic sitcom, I had become frustrated that there was no books dedicated to On The Buses on the market, so I decided to write the book as a fan, for the fans.
“I hope that the readers of the book will learn more about the show and it will strengthen their warmth of feeling for this British comedy masterpiece.
“Personally, seeing this book published must rate as one of the most proudest experiences of my life.
“The book comes at a very special time as On The Buses has just celebrated its 40th anniversary since it first hit our TV screens.”
The book includes details of cast, crew, locations and the many famous faces and catchphrases which made up one of the most popular sitcoms ever to appear on our TV screens.
On The Buses aired in an era where entertainment was unrestrained by politically correct rules, but hilarious scripts and quality acting guaranteed the series a legion of loyal fans around the globe.
The author’s spokesperson, Chris Cowlin, said: “Craig has thoroughly researched this classic sitcom – the book is a remarkably in-depth reference work.
“It details everything you could want to know about On The Buses and the cast and crew that worked on the comedy.”

Paisley Daily Express 

Here is a detailed article from The Sunday Post about On The Buses: The Complete Story:-

The Hinckley Times reviews On The Buses: The Complete Story

Another review from The Sunday Post.

An article from The Borehamwood Times (Thursday the 2nd of July 2015)

Fans of a well-loved sitcom hopped on board a vintage bus and reminisced about their favourite scenes.

Former actors who starred in On the Buses will visit Borehamwood as part of a celebration of the show last weekend.

The sitcom and films were filmed in and around Borehamwood.

Event organisers Craig and Caroline Walker spoke about the show and held a quiz, as well as a raffle draw.

Andria Lawrence, who played Betty in the first On the Buses, visited Fountain Court, in Brook Road, Borehamwood, to speak to its senior residents about the show.

She spoke to them about her career and signed autographs, before they were shown footage of the filming locations across Borehamwood.

The event was organised by Robert Hickey, of Oakwood Avenue, who spent a lot of time on the set with his father, who worked behind the scenes.

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Mr Hickey said: “It was a very enjoyable day made possible by the efforts of our special guest, not to mention our wonderful volunteers.

“Our seniors had a lovely time and now have some memories to treasure.”

A video of this link can be found below:-

The Weekly News article about On the Buses: The Filming Locations

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